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At Dothan's Baxley Law Firm LLC, you will find a team of experienced and dedicated legal and commercial professionals who specialize in bankruptcy law. Whether you need help with litigation or an experienced bankruptcy attorney that will help you get your affairs in order so that you may move forward, our bankruptcy attorneys will provide you with clear legal advice and committed representation. No matter what led you to the situation that brought you to the decision to declare bankruptcy, Baxley Law Firm LLC in Dothan, AL will strive to get you the personalized service you deserve. Let the attorneys of our legal firm provide you with skilled, experienced and comprehensive representation. Give us a call today to schedule your
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Our attorneys believe in providing more than just the best possible legal advice and commercial representation. We are dedicated to providing each client with personalized service in order to make the process as straight-forward and stress-free as possible. That’s why we offer one-on-one consultations with a Baxley Law Firm LLC attorney who specializes in your legal matter, like a bankruptcy attorney, or a personal injury specialist.

Beyond guiding you through the bankruptcy process, Baxley Law Firm LLC will instruct you as to the best course of action. There are different solutions, and there are numerous factors to consider before choosing the type of settlement. No matter your situation, you can always trust Baxley Law Firm to provide honest legal counsel that helps with your debt. Don't Let Debt Ruin Your Life; Get Your Debt Eliminated and Reorganized With the Help of Baxley Law Firm.

Contact our legal firm in Dothan when you are in need of a qualified bankruptcy attorney, or any other legal professionals. To schedule a free consultation, contact us today!


Baxley Law Firm LLC in Dothan's bankruptcy attorney team has worked on a variety of bankruptcy cases. We have experience in debt consultancy for the following:
  • Chapter 13 (repayment)
  • Chapter 7 (liquidation)
We pride ourselves on helping clients understand the complexities of the law. Our legal firm works with individuals in Dothan to review bankruptcy law, bankruptcy alternatives, and debt solutions. When it comes to legal advice and bankruptcy matters, we are your partner. Let Baxley Law Firm LLC help.

An individual can declare bankruptcy to eliminate or reorganize debt and keep your property once they have ascertained that it is impossible to pay off one's creditors. It can give you a chance to start over from a financial point of view, as most of debts are relieved after bankruptcy as been filed. Contact our Bankruptcy Attorneys today!
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  • Alabama Bar
  • Bankruptcy Bar Association
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